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About Us

Tatua means solve in Swahili. The Tatua Digital Resilience Center assists Social Justice Organisations in East Africa to enhance their digital resilience, quickly respond to and recover from digital threats, and harness the power of technology to enable them to achieve their mission. The centre is part of a wider network of resilience hubs in the world under the Weaving Resilience initiative. The other resilience hubs in East Africa include the Financial Resilience Hub, Wellness Hub, and Protection Hub.

Our Vision

Transformed safe communities through the power of ICTs.

Our Mission

Promote an enabling environment in the ICT sector that is robust, open, accessible, and rights-based.

Use VPN to safeguard yourself online

Cyber Hygiene for the ordinary!

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Latest News

Tatua hub is hiring a Digital Resilience Fellow

Tatua Digital Resilience Centre is recruiting a Digital Resilience Fellow. The Fellow will be responsible for supporting Social Justice Organisations in East Africa’s cyber security audit program, ensuring that security …

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Invitation to the service offering

The Tatua Digital Resilience centre is calling on Social Justice Organisations (CJO) in East Africa – Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda – to seek organisational digital resilience services from the centre. …