Tatua hub is hiring a Digital Resilience Fellow

Tatua Digital Resilience Centre is recruiting a Digital Resilience Fellow. The Fellow will be responsible for supporting Social Justice Organisations in East Africa’s cyber security audit program, ensuring that security risks are identified, assessed, and mitigated to protect the organisation’s data and information assets. The fellow will work closely with other stakeholders across the organizations to develop and implement security policies, procedures, and guidelines.

The aim of Tatua Digital Resilience Centre is to assist social justice organizations in East Africa in adapting to and surviving in a changing environment by implementing effective digital strategies. Tatua Digital Resilience Center provides support to Social Justice Organizations (SJOs) throughout Africa that work towards advancing digital rights. The Centre’s objectives include enhancing governance, accountability, leadership, culture, situational awareness, innovation, adaptive capacity, research, and risk management. The Centre is inclusive and draws expertise from the continent. An advisory board consisting of members from the African Internet Rights Alliance (AIRA) in East Africa oversee the Centre strategy. Its guiding principles are transparency, accountability, integrity, and good governance.

The Digital Resilience Fellow will help the Centre offer the services listed here to Social Justice Organisations in East Africa.

To Apply for this position, check the Opportunity and opening here.

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