The Tatua Digital Resilience Centre assists social justice organizations in East Africa in adapting and surviving in a changing environment by implementing effective digital strategies. The Centre provides support to Social Justice Organizations (SJOs) throughout Africa that work towards advancing digital rights. The Centre’s objectives include enhancing governance, accountability, leadership, culture, situational awareness, innovation, adaptive capacity, research, and risk management. The Centre is inclusive and draws expertise from the continent. An advisory board consisting of members from the African Internet Rights Alliance (AIRA) in East Africa oversee the Centre strategy. Its guiding principles are transparency, accountability, integrity, and good governance.

Services offerings

  1. Capacity Building of the Board, and leadership on digital resilience, risks, and opportunities.
  2. Development of digital resilience policies, procedure manuals, and strategies.
  3. Assessments: Conducting digital resilience assessments, risk assessments, and audits; and
  4. Provision of cyber incidence and emergency response.
  5. Monitoring, advocacy, and support on emerging issues such as Privacy, Misinformation/Disinformation, Artificial Intelligence, Surveillance, and Information Controls.
  6. Cyber Hygiene Awareness for SMEs to build capacity to protect themselves against digital threats.


  1. Portal – With policies, procedure manuals, and training manuals for all Weaving Resilience hubs in East Africa.
  2. Digital Resilience Assessment Tool and Scorecard to measure the level of your organisation in the digital resilience maturity model.
  3. VPN Services. We have partnered with Tunnel Bear to issue Free VPN to at-risk human rights defenders, and social justice organisations. For any request, contact us.
  4. Open Source Messaging: e.g Signal
  5. Secure and sustainable Web hosting
  6. Secure emails
  7. Secure storage

Digital Resilience Assessment Toolkit and Scorecard

We look forward to collaborating with you. As part of this call, please fill out this short survey. This tool enables you to review the state of your organisation’s digital resilience. The tool is designed to be taken as a survey in one 30-minute sitting. We request you discuss as a team with representatives from your IT, communications, management and programmes teams etc. 

Once you fill in the form, our support team shall get in touch with you with recommendations and advice on how to enhance your organisation’s digital resilience. Should you have any challenges, or need assistance with the tool, please reach out to our support team.

Geographical reach:

East Africa: Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.