Tatua Booth at the Kenya IGF 2023

Tatua Digital Resilience Center hosted a booth at the 2023 Kenya IGF on 22nd June 2023 at the Mercure Hotel UpperHill, Nairobi, Kenya. The booth was set up at the conference room entrance next to the registration desk. Visitors passed by the Tatua desk after registering and received basic cyber hygiene training. They were also handed cyber hygiene pamphlets, fliers, stickers, and brochures. The Tatua banner behind the desk was used to attract visitors and encourage them to make inquiries about Tatua’s service offerings.The following were the cyber hygiene topics that the visitors received training on:

  • Child online safety.
  • Cyber hygiene for social media and messaging.
  • Cyber hygiene for devices.
  • Keeping money safe online.
  • Connectivity cyber hygiene.
  • Securing access to devices and services.
  • Seven cyber hygiene practices to protect credentials.
  • Online harassment.

Visitors were also encouraged to make inquiries about any other cybersecurity issues they may have had. Some of the strategies used to engage visitors and encourage interaction include:

  • Asking them what they knew about cybersecurity.
  • Distributing pamphlets during tea breaks and encouraging visitors to ask questions about cyber hygiene.
  • Encouraging curious visitors to ask questions about Tatua.
  • Reminding visitors that they could find the Tatua team at the registration desk whenever they were ready to make their inquiries.
  • Encouraging visitors to visit the Tatua website and download the Information, Education, and Communication materials.

Most visitors were interested in password and social media cyber hygiene compared to device safety and online harassment. Many visitors took the materials home to relatives who were not tech-savvy. They also appreciated that the training materials combined words and infographics.

All the service offerings highlighted on the Tatua website were shared with visitors. Some visitors were interested in the Board training and capacity-building initiatives. There were also questions about the Tatua Digital Resilience Security Operations Center (SOC) and incident response capacity at Tatua. Three individuals mentioned that they were interested in cybersecurity training and assistance with infrastructure set-up. Some of the visitors requested directions on how to use the basic digital resilience resources available on the Tatua website.

In conclusion, there was great engagement with participants on the services offered by the Tatua Digital Resilience Centre.

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