Exciting insights on the Training for Board and Leadership to Build Digital Resilience for Social Justice Organizations in East Africa

Tatua Digital Resilience Centre held the first training for the Board and Leadership to Build Digital Resilience for Social Justice Organizations (SJOs) in East Africa on 31st August 2023.

This was a practical and interactive session where 56 participants were taken through a wide variety of types of organisation disruptions. This was achieved through the gamification of scenarios.

Some of the technology issues CEOs are worried about while using digital devices were financial loss, and sensitive information leaking to unauthorised parties. Eavesdropping of company secrets was of the highest concern for example, whether or if service providers can access sensitive emails. They were also concerned on security challenges of outsourcing services like websites, or enterprise systems to third party hosts. Another element was how to manage human resources access to information especially when the leave the organisation.

Most participants felt their Social Justice Organisation’s reputation was most important issue that affects their survival, and they requested for more of such trainings.

The meeting had a check-In and Check-Out survey to evaluate the level of awareness at both ends of the training.

Next steps.

KICTANet through the Tatua Digital Resilience Centre informed participants on how to engage with the Centre on all digital resilience needs. It indicated that there was a planed in-depth training for tanzanian SJOs during convening of the Forum for Internet Freedom in Africa (FIFA) on 29 September 2023, Dar es Salaam.

Other session panned were training of Trainers session Delivery planed for November 2023, and a physical training for Ugandan SJOs in 2024. In June 2024, another session will be held for Kenyan SJOs During IGF Week.

Activities of the Tatua Digital Resilience Center.

The center offers the following services;

  1. Capacity Building of the Board, and leadership on digital resilience, risks, and opportunities
  2. Policies and strategies: procedure manuals, policies and strategies, change management, organization growth, external engagement, etc.
  3. Assessments: Conducting digital resilience assessments, risk assessments, and audits; and
  4. Cyber incidence and emergency response, recovery, Monitoring and Early Warning systems, Post-Mortem Briefing and reporting
  5. Address emerging issues faced by SJOs is the region like privacy, misinformation, disinformation, and misinformation, hate speech, OGBV, etc.

Although we offer outreach activities to ensure the Social Justice Organsiation in East Africa are digitally resilienct, we also welcome them to Contact the center for any of the services above.

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